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Alberta Government Rebates for Window Replacement (2018) Window Rebates Available Right Now!


If you’re an Albertan homeowner interested in upgrading your windows for energy efficiency, you’ll certainly want to participate in this program. While you can save money on your new windows, you can also save on more:

  • Save up to $1,500 on new windows, $1,000 on a tankless water heater, up to $3,500 on new insulation, and much more!

  • Online rebates are also available for energy-efficient appliances and more (though there is a limit of two products per category per address). You can save as much as a $100 on refrigerators, washers, or smart thermostats!

  • This program also offers a Home Efficiency Tool calculator, which helps you calculate the savings potential of your home.

  • A first of its kind in Canada, this program even includes The Residential and Commercial Solar Program as part of the EEA, which offers incentives to homeowners, businesses, and non-profits that wish to install solar photovoltaic systems. Learn more about it and the qualifications 

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